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    tor bjorklund

    I just got our new to us ’67 back on the road after pulling the cradle to free up the clutch, general cleaning, painting and reseating the engine.

    Worked great getting us home from a 1500 mile road trip just a couple of weeks ago.

    But I am having trouble shifting into 2nd gear. No grinding, it just won’t go sometimes. More on downshifting than up shifting, and double clutching and rpm matching doesn’t seem to help much(like I would think it would if it were worn out syncros).

    I’ve gone through the hydraulic clutch (rebuilt master w/o check valve, new lines and hoses, new slave) and have measured 7/8″ arm travel when the pedal is depressed. Is this enough?

    Is there a linkage adjustment either with the cup that catches the bottom of the shifter, or inside the linkage cover on the transaxle?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    It is a stock standard transaxle with a 225 slant six. I’m running 85w90 gear oil, and there seems to be limited improvement when it’s hot.



    Hey Tor! The cup at the bottom of the shifter provides grease to the throw-out bearing. It would be a good idea to check there is grease in it and give it a turn to be sure the throw-out bearing is greased.

    Otherwise, I would adjust the clutch cable as described in the manual and see if that helps.

    I agree with your analysis about it not likely being synchros.


    tor bjorklund

    Let me begin by thanking you for running this board! Any group nuts enough to try and keep 50 year old RVs on the road needs all the help they can get.

    I Know about the grease cup. In fact it is in part why I had to pull my cradle. Mine was missing the grease cup and the zirc pittings for the shaft on the bottom of the transazxle were so covered with road grime that they were not visible. clutch was completely seized and would not engage. I got things all cleaned up and lubricated, added a grease cup and even replaced the slave, all the hard plumbing and flexible hose, and rebuilt the clutch master (leaving out the check valve.).

    The cup I was talking about is the receiver for the bottom end of the shift lever. Mine has a square head set screw safety wired into place. I wondered if it was adjustable, or if there was an adjustment on the inside of the linkage under the side access cover.

    I bled out the clutch system and adjusted as per the manual and only have 7/8″ of travel on the shaft arm. I wonder if I should have more….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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