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    Robert McKendrick

    Hello all,

    I used to have a 1963 Cortez and was a member of the group. After selling the ’63, I now have a ’79. It has the 9.50 x 16.5 inch rims and replacement tires are impossible/expensive to find. Has anyone with a later Kent Cortez replaced the 16.5 inch rims with something else?

    I replaced the rims on the ’63 with hummer H2 rims and that worked well so I am hoping for the same kind of result with the ’79.



    Gary Riesing

    How is the Cortez doing? I am about to purchase a 1971 Cortez, and I don’t get what wheel to use. Any input? I heard they used 12×16.5 tires on the 79, is that true? Was that on the 9.50 x 16.5 rim you mentioned? thanks.Gary


    I think the most popular wheel choice right now for Kents is a Rickson 19.5″ wheel. The tires are common on heavy duty trucks (think UPS Van) and are comparatively cheap.

    Gary Riesing

    In 1974 i bought a 71 Cortez. I loved it.I bought another this week, and intend to restore it to at least look the same on the outside as the one I had. Gold with a woodgrain stripe. It already has wheels for 12×16.5 tires, so I will stay with that for now. I remember when I think I bought the last 10×17.5 tire in the US. But I always liked the wide track aggressive look of the 10×17.5, so I think the 12×16.5 will fill the wheel wells good.

    Gary Riesing

    Anyone reading this, I have chosen to go with Vision Dually front rims all around with 225/19.5 tires. I ordered 12-16.5 tires thinking they were what was on the vehicle, that should be easy. I did not know in the last twenty years those tires have grown larger. Mainly the problem was the diameter went from 31.5 to 33 in,too large for Cortez. I felt dumb. I wanted the” original look” but now I don’t care. These new wheels will look great, and when I find a disc brake setup, I will have plenty of room for the discs.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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