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    frank Sanfilippo

    What trans is used when the Oldsmobile 455 is mounted in the Cortez? Is there a v8 n a automatic that can be used? I have neen wondering if I could convert using a dodge awd 5.2 engine with it’s automatic as a replacment + maybe even into a 4 w d. Is there any of u members that have gone a better geartran? If so please advise what was used. The slant 6 is way to under powered. + my engine slant 6 is screwed. Ran out of old (bust oil line) while driving n if I’m to repair it at all it won’t be the same geartran. I sure would appreciate info n thanks the recent response to my last question


    Frank, unfortunately there are no simple answers for you. Unless you have a lot of fabrication and engineering experience, changing the drivetrain is a near impossibility. The Kent Cortezzes use an Olds Toronado drivetrain. While some have converted the Clark models to the Olds drivetrain, it is a complicated process, which requires refitting the entire Kent cradle into to the Clark. Jerry Mcmurray, who frequents the yahoo group, fabricated a custom bell housing to attach a Chevy 350 to the Clark transaxle. But again, this requires a certain level of fabrication and engineering experience. Also adding that extra weight to the front suspension and drivetrain has it’s own issues.

    Your best bet would be to boost the power of your slant six. Take a look at slantsix.org. Those guys are the most knowledgeable about anything slant six related. Otherwise, if you can’t live with the lack of power, I might suggest that a Clark Cortez just isn’t the right coach for you.

    Good Luck,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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