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Jess Bressi

If you go to the Yahoo site and “documents” section, I posted literature and articles on Cortez disc brakes. URL:

You have two existing choices for a Kent: find a Hurst/Ariheart set up and bolt it on (what I did to my 72 rear bath) or find one of Charlie Hill’s bracket sets that use 79 Ford 4×4 rotors, calipers and pads with Hill’s custom brackets. A future possible choice is that some of us in the So Cal Cortez Viajeros club are looking at having a run of the Hurst/Airheart caliper brackets made as they will work with a modern 4 or 6 piston Wilwood style caliper.


Jess Bressi, OC CA
1974 Side Bath/Rear Bedroom
19.5" Rims/front disc brakes/3.71 Final drive
Keep on Cortezz'n