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Jess Bressi

1. The URL to the Yahoo site is:

2. Cortez stopped making sticks in 69. Few if any were made in 70. 71’s on were autos with Olds big blocks and turbo 425 trannies.

3. I don’t know anyone with new parts for rebuilding Clark transaxles so you need to scavenge from old ones.

4. California Cortez/Gary out of Bakersfield had the last disc brake adapters around that I know of for Clarks but is out of business. Maybe Moose Menke has the rights. They were designed by a guy, Charlie Hill, who was a great Cortezzer but passed away in the late 90’s. Dave Munday acquired the rights but he has passed away as well. Cali Cortez obtained them from Munday but is no longer in business. Some of us in the So Cal Cortez Viajeros club are looking at having an adapter made to run modern calipers based on the Kent factory Hurst/Airheart brake system Cortez used on Kents.

I know of a nearly rust free Clark with a Chrysler V-8 that is for sale in LA if you are interested.


Jess Bressi, OC CA
1974 Side Bath/Rear Bedroom
19.5" Rims/front disc brakes/3.71 Final drive
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