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Jess Bressi

Ray, the answers to your question are driven by how much money you want to spend and whether your customer wants a stick or auto transmission. There are a number of the Chrysler “B” V8 Block conversions with a stick on the road (uses old trannie) and it is a successful swap, particularly if you can find a later model, I believe late 1967 to 1969, transaxle to use as they were heavier duty (the 69 even had CV’s in some cases). I see the required adapters for sale periodically on the Yahoo Cortez site and elsewhere. It is virtually a bolt in swap and is a lot less expensive that the Olds/Caddie swap. The other successful swap is the Kent drive train with either the Olds 455 or Caddie 500. The Cortez factory even did the Olds 455 swap back in the day. You would bring your old underpowered Clark one day and sometime later it would exit with a Kent drivetrain. You need metal fabrication and welding skills to pull this swap off successfully. You also need the entire cradle from a Kent which is not too difficult to find as Kents are being junked out due to perceived unrepairable rust all the time. If you are near Southern California, you should visit one of the local Cortez club’s (the Cortez Viajeros) outings as we have an Olds 455 powered Clark in the club as well as access to owners that have Chrysler B block powered rigs. Jess

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