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Lonnie Boyer

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#1818 , 1967  ,  Very clean and decent cond. 2 owner  with an interesting story. It came to me with the  window sales  or order slip plus two motor manual  and all the cortez club stuff (imfo. on all the owners) cool stuff.  I purchased this vehicle from the son of the man who ran Hammer Motorhomes&Rv’s in Battlecreek, Mi.  He had purchased it from the widow of the original owner because he had done all the service on it over the 30 yrs. and knew it had been taken care of. He had the body work & paint done,new tires and then put in his barn . (in 1995) Then it sat for 22yrs. He passed away and his son moved it outside. All the rubber stuff is bad on anything this old, so as it sat out for 2yrs. the seal on the gas cap leaked so the tank needs cleaned and sealed. I put in an elec. ign. and she started right up. Runs good …I fixed a leaky radiator,some hoses and the water pump,now all that is good. I just finished a complete brake job and booster rebuild so now i can drive it!!! I love the way you sit in it,it makes it so easy to see and enjoyable to drive. If it just had a little more get-up and go, you have to be real careful in todays traffic. I’m not big on social media but you can call me and lets talk.(517-279-7486) Pictures on Facebook market place (listed under cars & motorcycles; type in search motorhomes.) Coldwater,Mich.