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    David Lefebvre

    Hi, Not to hijack this thread but are the old posts gone? I’m having trouble replying to my CV axel thread previous to this one. Turns out I have a bad axel boot and I want to get in touch with Jess to see if one’s available. Thanks, Dave



    Hi Dave! Thanks for the heads up. I believe I’ve fixed the problem (Google fonts plugin caused a conflict).


    Gary Riesing

    There is one on Ebay right now in Georgia. It looks real nice for a low price. Not sure if you are still looking.


    Gary Riesing

    Hey, Moose My 71 Cortez I bought had 12-16.5 tires on it, I bought a new set, but the rears are too large, and are pressing on the swingarm carrier bearing. Any thoughts? The front seem OK. Any idea what to do, or any other tire choice I could try?


    Gary Riesing

    turns out the outside dimension of the tire is 33, and cortez only has 32 inches of room. I am going to buy 9.50 x 16.5 for the rear, that should be sufficient, and is 31.6 inch dia

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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