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    Steve Thomsen

    Hey Moose, just wanted to say thanks for this website. Just looked at the manual section and found that it was for an Executour which is the second one that we got 3 years ago. Big help thank! Was wondering if you needed some funding to keep this sight up? Would like to contribute if I can. Also I have been given 2 Clarks that will never set sail again due to rust, I’m a farmer in the middle of Washington state and if people need to get some parts they are free for the taking, yes FREE. I don’t really want to take off and ship, maybe in my down time. I’m reserving the front clip that has the 318 but after that it’s there. If it is small and easy access and easy to ship I will do that. Have noticed on Cascade Cortez club an insurgence of activity, maybe these Cortes’s will finally get recognized! Again, thanks for the sight.

    Steve Thomsen
    Waterville WA



    Hey Steve! Glad I could be of service! Luckily it doesn’t cost me all the much to keep it going. Wish I had more time to add more info.


    Gary Riesing

    Hey Steve, I just started restoring a 71 Cortez. Ant chance you have disc brakes on either Cortez with the free parts? I would be interested in a front seat/ bed set up, and various other items. I might be in Walla Walla soon, maybe. Thanks, gary 414-578-6170


    Steve Thomsen

    Hi Gary, both are Clarks. No disc brake systems. If you want anything from them they are up for grabs, first come first serve except the 318 clip on the one.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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