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    Rat droppings deep down in the recesses of this magnificent rig behind the insulation in the areas I can not reach and that I can see I have vacuumed thoroughly what could be done not to mention the urine and droppings imbedded on the upholstery at places and scraping the solidified crap under the counters I can only imagine how filthy it is behind the cabinets and walls definitely a health hazard the only option I have is to gut the interior right down to the frame work and clean and sanitize everything and reinstall as much as possible hoping to save the interior to keep it pristine without destroying it but at this point it everything must come out and completely sterilized.
    Then comes the issue of possibly selling it as is any feed back would be greatly appreciated.
    Mechanically it’s in great shape.
    Oh yes I just acquired this 64 that was parked underneath some Oak trees for almost 20 years knowing all this before hand saved it from being junked
    Thank-you for time.

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