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    Lonnie Boyer

    I moved my ride around last year and had to rev it up and pop the clutch to get it moving. There was a pop and it would move ok until next time. I could tell it was in the rear brakes. I never got the around to it in order and now i moved it twice this year. I jacked up both sides and the right side will move back& forth about 1/2 an inch then stops with a loud clunk. The left side moves forward 1/2 inch then clunks but i can turn it backwards but it turns hard. I know whats happening,don’t know why or what to do. My thought is the wheel cylinders are in bad shape and not letting the shoes return. I looked inside the backing plate to back off the adjusters and both have no threads showing. They seem to be tight, adjuster is up against the cap ,which it should have some threads showing.I don’t know what to do. I need to move it to storage and can’t. Any ideas anyone?

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