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    Dana Merrill

    My name is Dana Merrill, the proud owner of a 1963 Clark model, serial number 29. I joined your group this evening and began reviewing the articles. I was surprised and extremely excited to find an article written by my father Col. Woodrow T. Merrill, discussing the replacement of rubber window seals (article #3).

    I grew up in a Cortez, we had two Clark models and several Kents. When I was fourteen my family toured Mexico in our 1967 Clark Cortez. While staying in Oaxaca, my father was disabled with a severe case of kidney stones and was hospitalized temporarily. When he was discharged, dad pulled me aside for a father to son talk. He asked me if I was capable and willing to drive the family home to Florida. I was one excited kid for sure, and followed dad’s instructions to the letter. That was my first time behind the wheel, Oaxaca to Orlando in a 67 Cortez!

    Now I’m restoring my 63 and plan on touring the states, and beyond. Presently I am still living at the address dad left at the bottom of article #3, but if anyone would need to contact me to talk Cortez, please feel free to call me on my cell: 407-968-9888.

    Thank you for your fine site and having me aboard!

    Dana B. Merrill


    Hi Dana! That’s some very cool Cortez history you have! Welcome to the group!

    Steve Thomsen

    That is a great story Dana, is your Clark one of your Fathers? My wife and I love to find Clark’s and Kent’s in our state, while I also check for Clark’s on Craigslist in several states.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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