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    ’69 Cortez needs original gas tank, or modern day replacement that will ‘fit thee hole’.
    I purchased a Cortez in very original condition, but had not run in years. Engine turned over, but would not fire. After having a mechanic replace several engine components, the engine did fire-up, but no fuel from tank. A friend and I dropped the tank and I found a local shop to clean and coat the tank. The bad news is that the shop said the tank has interior ‘baffles’ that could not be reached without cutting access holes in the tank, etc, etc. Long story short…$700-$900 to do the job.
    So, I’m looking for a ‘donor’ Cortez tank, or a modern day tank that will fit with vents and filler hole in right location……any thoughts?
    TJT, So-Cal

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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