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    Richard vogelsang

    Hello Cortez owners, my name is Richard and I live on the Oregon coast. About a week ago I told a friend of mine that I was looking for a motor home and he introduces me to this guy that says he needed bail money for his girl friend and he has this cool little 18′ van like thing and he only wanted $300. So I agreed, the next day he calls me up and said he needed money now and he said he would take whatever I had and call it good, granted I have never seen the vehicle yet. I said I got $60 and he brought me over this 1967 Clark Cortez with a Ford 460. He handed over the pink slip and said its all there, you just have to put it all back together. And he left. Everything was in piles everywhere. I. Needed a project to do and now I got one. My question to the Cortez community is where on earth do I begin? I don’t nessesarily want to restore it, I kind of want to design it to my own needs. But still it’s just a shell with a big pile of junk and trash in it. The tires are new and the motor is a new rebuild. I gotta know what to keep that I will need and what can I dispose of. Please, any info or words of wisdom you guys can give will be greatly appreciated. Thank you



    As long as it runs and drives, I’d say you’re good to go to do whatever you want with it. Although the Cortez is the coolest vehicle on the planet, they aren’t quite the collector vehicle you’d think they are.

    If yours actually has a Ford 460 engine, that is not original to the coach anyway. Is your coach a four speed manual or automatic?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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