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    Greetings. Have just purchased 1968. Restoring from frame and searching for Clark parts, especially front seats. Any pointers on where to look would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You. Chuck



    Am hoping for advice on front seats. I have a minivan seat for now. Looking for Clark but if impossible to find what do other find works best as a drivers seat. Appreciate any advice. Chuck



    Chuck, as far as front seats, keep your eye out on craigslist and the classified ads here. They will come up occasionally. I’d also suggest posting in the cortez yahoo group to see if anyone has a set lying around.



    Larry Beach

    I have a complete 1968 Cortez, EXcellent Industrial Slant 6. Has a bad Master cyl. I drove it where it is, Under 5k on rebuilt transaxle and has a BRAND NEW Starter rebuilt professionally. Clean title and currently Licensed in Iowa. Not a rust bucket, has had some fiberglass work but it was poorly by my Bro-in-law (bought it from him) since bought something bigger Great parts or this complete restoration pridject. saw the body before and only has a little rust in a couple spots.
    Decent body and it is complete! $1400.00
    Larry 712-258-0891


    ian welsh

    Hi Chuck, your ad from July has a digit missing in the phone number, do you still have the ladder and windshield? THX

    (949) 433 2360



    Sorry about number: 971-901-6078.

    Anyone have ideas about non-OEM seats? Can’t find
    original front seats, what else works? Thanks. Chuck


    tor bjorklund


    contact me via email (tor.bjorklund@gmail.com) regarding a set of seats. I called and left msgs on your phone but didn’t hear back.

    Sorry I don’t check this site often…


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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