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Jess Bressi

Advice: replace every item made of rubber if it is older seven years old (tires, brake hoses, vacuum hoses, every hose, etc.), carry extra U-Joints, repair any rust damage before it takes hold, check all wiring for poor or brittle insulation and replace as needed, find an extra Chrysler industrial starter as they are hard to find, if you happen upon a good used transaxle, grab it for spares, get a copy of the “STIM” manual which is a collection of factory and owner repair memos, and when driving and going up hill and turning at the same time, be very gentle with the application of gas or you will break a U-Joint. JMHO, Jess

Jess Bressi, OC CA
1974 Side Bath/Rear Bedroom
19.5" Rims/front disc brakes/3.71 Final drive
Keep on Cortezz'n