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Jess Bressi

Todd, The front drums are Kent Cortez unique and I know of no source for new ones. I have some that are machined and within spec from a club member who passed away. His widow sells them for $75 each FOB southern California (they are heavy suckers and would cost a lot to ship). There are no disc brake conversion kits available that I know of. The last “Charlie Hill” design kit was sold about four or five years ago by California Cortez formerly in Bakersfield, CA (now closed). I read a posting on the Cascade Cortez Facebook site that someone found a mechanic who cobbled together a set of disc brakes using steel plate to make the bracket. If you go to the Yahoo Cortez Motorhome group site and join and go to the “Files” tab, there is a bunch of information on disc brakes that I posted. PM me at jbressi[at symbol] c-o-x dot n-e-t if you are interested in the drums. You can make your own disc brake brackets if you have access to a mill to cut caliper brackets like the ones Hurst Airheart made for Cortez. Good luck, Jess

Jess Bressi, OC CA
1974 Side Bath/Rear Bedroom
19.5" Rims/front disc brakes/3.71 Final drive
Keep on Cortezz'n