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Mister Moose,

Greetings. Again thanks for helping Cortez owners.
I am on a time-frame and budget, so sadly complete
100% restoration is impossible. Also a few owners have
tried partial renovation, leaving a mishmash with very
little original left. The exterior was spray-painted,
WITH CANS! yellow with and orange stripe. The four bottom
corners all need replacement, master brake cylinder, and
straps holding tanks are rusty.
The good news is the body and roof are solid, the motor
purrs, and all 5 tires are brand-new. So starting from
scratch with new electrical wiring, adding rooftop solar
and portable wind. Thinking of going all electric, no propane.
Any Ideas are helpful.

Also included, miraculously, are original manuals. Would
be happy to send copy for archives. (Have to find nerd to
do the copying/sending.

Happy Motoring,Chuck