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Lonnie Boyer

Moose… I found new cups,the old cylinder didn’t look bad,just did some reaming & reassembled. Doesn’t seem to be leaking! I moved it back & forth, everything seems good. I just found a hardware kit that had 2 in. pins & used all my old hardware. That’s why i bought this relic i like the idea of being able to repair it myself. Although i don’t know what I’m going to do about working on the front end. Looks like a real nightmare. Not only working on any of it but all the special tools required!!! It was odd that most things i found that would work (chevy/dodge) were all for the new years then what i needed . The years i thought i needed didn’t work . Myself and several parts guys were very confused on how parts from 70’s&80’s is what i needed. Multiple applications is what i heard alot. Thanks i have it for the future. Can you share anything on the front brakes. They’ll probably be next. I don’t seem to be able to run an ad. I’m still having a problem , when I’m all done and try to submit, it always comes up to enter the price. I’ve tried in block form and numeral form. The tech. guy here at library says it’s not a problem on this end. I guess i need your e mail again. I didn’t write it down last fall when you offered to run it for me. Thanks again!!!